As a native Kentuckian, I have always appreciated the abundance of natural beauty that continues to enhance much of my lifetime experience. In my artwork I pursue various ways to express the changing seasons and the flora and fauna, along with color and the contrasts of lights and shadows, especially indigenous to this region. 
  In my youth, I served in the US Air Force during the Vietnam era and was stationed in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I lived and traveled throughout the state for twenty years. There I became interested in the diversity of culture and history and attended art classes at the University of New Mexico where I expanded my knowledge of how to capture the Old West history, ranch life and rugged terrain and transfer them to my canvas.Through meeting and observing many different artists and their work, I kept challenging myself and experimented with various techniques and mediums. I continued to travel through several National Parks, keeping an art and photo journal along the way.

  In the mid 1980's I drove to CA where I met and married, my wife, Sharon. She is a photographer, artist and writer. Together we've combined our efforts through the years and have traveled while pursuing our mutual interests. The Channel Islands Coastline, where we made our home for several years, provided yet another source of landscape /seascape references, as we journeyed up and down the West Coast. When we moved inland to the Santa Clarita Valley, we were "juried in" and joined the prestigious Santa Clarita Artists Association and exhibited throughout Southern California. Later we moved to a retirement Community in Henderson, NV, where we also participated in exhibits; many for charitable causes. Eventually, my home state of KY beckoned us to return.  
  I'm grateful to be enjoying my retirement years continuing to further develop what has become "an everyday passion for painting!"  I have studied with various Fine Art painters and particpated in Art Workshops, both in person and on line. My medium of choice is oil, but I also paint with acrylic. My desire is to translate my love and appreciation of nature's colorful landscapes onto each new canvas and to inspire others' to extend their artistic horizons.
  It's important to challenge myself by selecting expanded subject matter, while employing various techniques and tools, with each new endeavor. I enjoy sharing my original creations with a growing number of appreciative art enthusiasts. My goal is to be able to use my artwork to inspire others; to invite them to "seize the opportunity and to develop the confidence to try doing something they've never before attempted." Experience painting at any age!    Check out my website at howardwalkerart.com.  Thank you so much for your interest!